We have two varieties of Bamboo available...

Bambusa oldhamii 'Old Hamii'
A clumping bamboo, Old Hamii can be planted directly into the garden.
Mature Height: 12m / Mature Width: 3m

42cm diameter pot (1.7m): $78.95
45cm diameter pot (2m tall): $105.00
46cm square pot (1.6m tall): $105.00

Phyllostachys nigra 'Black Bamboo'
Black Bamboo is a running bamboo which has beautiful canes which turn black as it matures.

Mature Height: 8m

20cm diameter pot: $89.50 (Out of stock. Contact us to order)

We can deliver this plant!
We use Zoom2U to deliver within Metro Melbourne. Just send us your name and address for a quote!
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