Monstera Monkey Mask
M. adansonii


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Monstera Monkey Mask
A climber with thick, textured heart-shaped green glossy leaves with oblong fenestrations appearing between the veins. This variety has thicker leaves as well as growing lusher and bushier than the regular Monstera adansonii.

Mature Height: 4-10m
Mature Width:  4-10m

Outdoor Position: Part Shade
Indoor Position:    Bright spot with indirect light

Preferred Soil Type: Well Drained. We recommend using Superior Potting Mix for Aroids.

Landscape Uses: Climber, Shade Garden, Tropical Garden, Courtyard, Under Trees, Mass Planted, Rockery, Container / Pot / Hanging Basket, Indoor Plant

Ongoing Care: Only water when soil is dry. Watch for aphids, mealy bugs, mites, scale, thrips. Liquid feed. Mulch. Slow-release fertiliser annually or as needed. We recommend Campbells Rustica Plus Fertiliser.

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Monstera Monkey Mask

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