Sphagnum Moss Gold Grade



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Sphagnum Moss Gold Grade
Commonly used as an alternative to soil for orchids, sphagnum moss can also be used as a potting medium for other plants like succulents, indoor plants, seedlings and more.


  • Made to the highest standard using only quality sphagnum moss gold grade products.
  • Neutral pH level.
  • Retains moisture and warmth.
  • Will last for at least 2-5 years in the pot.
  • Can be reused multiple times.


  • Use as a mulch for indoor plants as sphagnum moss acts as an insulator to keep roots warm and moist. This helps to cut down on watering. Also keeps soil-loving pests such as fungus gnats and aphids at bay.
  • Less messy than soil and is reusable.
  • Add to potting mix to improve soil aeration and drainage while also retaining water.
  • Perfect to use as a seed starter as sphagnum moss keeps seeds warm and moist as they prepare to germinate.
  • As an alternative to potting soil in terrariums.
  • Great to use in hanging baskets as it helps keep soil warm and moist, preventing the soil from drying out as quickly.
  • Depending on the plant, use on its own or mixed with soil or other potting mediums. On its own, it may need more frequent watering. Fertilizers may be required as sphagnum moss doesn’t hold many nutrients.


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Sphagnum MossSphagnum Moss Gold Grade
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