Superior Potting Mix for Aroids



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Superior Potting Mix for Aroids
Keep your aroids happy and healthy with our Superior Potting Mix for Aroids!

We only use premium quality products to create our own special blend making sure that your aroids receive all the good stuff they need to thrive!

List of Ingredients

  • Grow Better Orchid Growing Mix
    A specially formulated, premium free-draining potting mix containing chunky bark nuggets. Provides the ideal root environment for growing show-quality orchids, including all epiphytic and terrestrial orchids. Australian made by Grow Better Garden Products.
  • Horticultural Perlite
    Adds porosity to propagation and soil mixes. Also aerates and loosens the soil for better drainage. Read more about the benefits and uses of perlite here.
  • Horticultural Charcoal
    Potting medium that absorbs water, stores carbon and nutrients. Also enhances growth and is the ideal medium to add to pots to assist with drainage.
  • Campbells Rustica Plus Fertiliser
    A true compound fertiliser that meets the complete nutritional requirements of a large range of plants including edibles, flowering plants and ornamentals. Read more about the benefits and uses of this fertiliser here.
  • Rock Minerals
    Natural mineral fertilizer made from specific rock types. Contains trace elements essential to healthy plant growth.

Ideal for aroids like Monsteras, Pothos and Philodendrons, as well other plants that have very high drainage requirements such as epiphytic plants like Rhipsalis, Disocactus, Bromeliads, Ferns, Tillandsias and Orchids.

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Superior Potting Mix for AroidsSuperior Potting Mix for Aroids
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