Ficus Star Light
F. benjamina variegata


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Ficus Star Light
F. benjamina variegata
Gorgeous glossy variegated green and creamy yellow small leaves. Very easy to look after, prefers a bright spot with indirect sunlight. Also known as a Variegated Weeping Fig.

Mature Height: 2-4m
Mature Width:   1-2m

Outdoor Position: Part Shade
Indoor Position:    Bright spot away from direct sunlight, though it can do well in low light areas

Preferred Soil Type: Well Drained. We recommend using Superior Potting Mix for Indoor Plants if potted.

Landscape Uses: Tropical Garden, Shady Garden, Feature Plant, Shade Tree, Courtyard, Container / Pot, Indoor Plant

Ongoing Care: Keep moist during very dry periods. Liquid feed. Mulch. Slow-release fertiliser annually or as needed. We recommend Campbells Rustica Plus Fertiliser.
Please note: If using fertiliser or liquid feed high in Nitrogen, only use small amounts as too much may cause the plant to lose its variegation.

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Photos of plants shown on our website are a good representation of the actual plant for sale. Sometimes the actual plant for sale is shown, however, as we have hundreds of plants for sale, this is not always possible. Plants are living things, so the appearance of the plant on our website may differ slightly to the one you purchase. Every plant is unique, and their growth is seasonal.

Ficus Star Light

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Ficus Star LightFicus Star Light
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