Grow Better Premium Potting Mix



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Grow Better Premium Potting Mix
A quality potting mix for all types of plants and growing conditions. Helps to save water while growing healthy and happy plants. Australian made by Grow Better Garden Products and is manufactured using Green Power.

Available in 30 litre bags.

Features & Benefits

  • Ideal for all indoor and outdoor plants.
  • Made to the Australian Standard for Premium quality potting mixes.
  • Long lasting – contains slow-release fertiliser, wetting agent and natural growth stimulant (X Facta).
  • Produces excellent results in even the toughest conditions.

Directions for use

Spring, Summer and early Autumn are the best times to repot a plant. However, avoid repotting when temperatures are very hot. If roots are poking out of the drainage holes, a larger pot is needed. Examine the roots of the plant. If there are root tips forming a thick spiral at the base of the root ball, repotting is required.

Check the Grow Better website for more information here.

This quality product is manufactured in Australia by Grow Better Garden Products using environmentally sound processes at their farm based in Ballarat, Victoria.  This facility produces a range of quality potting mixes that has excelled in numerous independent trials against those of reputable competitors.

Grow Better have a broad range of organic and natural products and hold an Australian Organic and Australian Standards certification. Grow Better has earned an enviable reputation in the Australian marketplace for its quality products and is now considered a market leader.

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Grow Better Premium Potting MixGrow Better Premium Potting Mix
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