Mira Water Bowl Terracotta


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Mira Water Bowl Terracotta
Stunning terracotta water bowl with gorgeous blue glazed interior. Hand-finished, each bowl is unique with slight variations in colour and texture. The perfect way to add a calming and tranquil water feature to your backyard, courtyard or balcony.

Use as a bird bath or as a beautiful way to display your aquatic plants! Or add the Solar Fountain Floating Pump and relax to the gentle sounds of running water right in your own back yard!

Diameter: 34cm | Height: 12cm


  • Large and deep enough to hold up to 3 x 10cm potted aquatic plants.
  • Shallow and wide enough for birds and small animals to use as a drinking space.
  • Wide enough to accommodate the Solar Fountain Floating Pump.
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Optional Extras:

Mini Pond for $54.99
Total value: $73.45… That’s a saving of 25%!

  • Water Bowl
  • 3 x 10cm potted randomly selected aquatic plants
  • Duckweed Lemna disperma (container)
  • River Pebbles (1kg container)
Mini Fountain for $52.98 Currently Sold Out!
Total value: $53.98… save 5%!Includes:

Sit back and relax with the site & sound of running water right in your own back yard!

Mira Water Bowl Terracotta

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Mira Water Bowl Terracotta
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